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Commercial Room Dividers and Closet Doors

More value from your real estate. When a large part of your business investment is its real estate, the more ways you can use that space, the better for your bottom line. Our Commercial Accordion Doors and Room Dividers help you schedule multiple customers in your retail space on the same date. Make your retail space more flexible by creating rooms when you want them and an open floor plan when you don’t. Secure an area from foot traffic while promoting your company, with a large-scale custom mural of your logo on the door.

Commercial Accordion Doors and Room Dividers solve so many of life’s problems. Whatever your requirements — frequent use, economy, security, noise control, custom mural decoration — we’ve got you covered. Choose the perfect look for your project, from popular hardwoods to elevate your décor, colorful or practical vinyl laminates that fold quietly out of your way, modern aluminum that’s beautifully secure, or custom finishes for a unique look.

It's your wonder wall. A great choice for retailers & many other commercial spaces.

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We don’t just craft good products. We create great solutions.

How it Works

We go the extra steps.

  • 1. Select your product.

    Over the years, we have earned a reputation among designers, architects and homeowners as the go-to company when faced with a real challenge. How to turn an odd-shaped window into a work of art. How to divide a cavernous room into cozy retreats. How to assure better security without sacrificing eye appeal. We don’t just craft good products - we create great solutions.

  • 2. Choose your options.

    We go the extra steps - that’s a given. Each piece is individually finished to assure absolute color integrity, top to bottom. Our products are installed, tested and re-tested before shipment to ensure flawless performance. And prior to being stained or painted, every item is hand-examined with ultraviolet light to expose even the tiniest fleck of glue which could affect the integrity of its finish.

  • 3. Place your order.

    We take each project personally. The reason: we promote a corporate culture which encourages – no, actually insists upon – excellence and value. Everyone takes personal pride in the quality of his or her efforts, personal responsibility for the satisfaction of each customer, and a personal stake in the continued success of the business.

  • 4. Lead time & estimated delivery.

    We work lean. We’ve increased our flexibility to meet the ebb and flow of product orders without impacting efficiency, resulting in an on-time customer delivery record close to 100 percent.

  • 5. Enjoy your new space!

    Our Commercial Accordion Doors and Room Dividers are beautiful additions to any space. And they will be for years to come, thanks to our durable hardware and carefully selected materials.

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