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Woodfold Accordion Doors

Choose the perfect look for your project, from popular hardwoods to elevate your décor, colorful or practical vinyl laminates that fold quietly out of your way, modern aluminum that’s beautifully secure, or custom finishes for a unique look. Whatever your requirements — we have you covered.

Woodfold | Accordion Doors & Roll-Up Doors

Create flexible spaces, transform rooms (and alter perceptions) with Woodfold accordion and roll-up doors.

Woodfold Accordion Doors are the premier natural wood accordion door on the market. They make excellent room dividers and can be used to divide large areas to allow for several functions at once. These interior folding doors can help eliminate door fights in tight areas or help reduce distracting noise from one room to another. You can also use Woodfold's accordion doors to dress up the exterior of a closet and help free up space, or take a look at Woodfold's custom bookcases and roll-up doors for more space-saving options.

Woodfold Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Acoustic, and Security doors and room dividers are beautiful additions to any space. And they will be for years to come, thanks to our durable hardware and carefully selected materials. Choose from hardwood veneer or Vinyl-Lam panel construction, then decide if you’d like your doors stained, painted, laminated, decorated with custom-print murals, or straight-up handsome, right out of the box. With so many options for closets, convention centers, retail sites, or wherever you need a door, we have you covered.

Woodfold | How to Measure

How to Measure your Woodfold Accordion Door - Like Father, Like Son

Like Father, Like Son


How to Measure your Woodfold Accordion Door - Student Teacher

Student Teacher


How to Measure your Woodfold Accordion Door - Newly Married

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Woodfold | FAQs

  • Woodfold door sizes depend on the the height of the opening, each size has its own limitation, please contact Woodfold Customer Service at [email protected] for specific details regarding your opening.

  • Three of our doors are sound rated – the Series 2100, which provides a minimum level of sound control at a very affordable price, and our Series 3300 door & Series 4100, offer a mid-level sound control. The Series 2100 has an FSTC of 21, Series 3300 has an FSTC of 33, & the 4100 has an FSTC of 41.

  • Woodfold doors are NOT made completely out of wood. Woodfold manufactures its' doors with 1/4" thick MDF (medium-density fiberboard) panels. A thin layer of vinyl-lam or hardwood veneer is affixed to the face of each MDF (medium-density fiberboard) panel.

  • If a suspended ceiling system is being installed in conjunction with an Accordion Door, the use of a recessed hat channel will simplify the job. If the ceiling is already in place, the most common practice is to place a finished 2x6 supported at each end and then every 4' across the span of the opening to prevent sagging over time. Drop wires or rods installed from above will support the door and plates, and the track can then be attached to the underside board. It is important to note that finished opening dimensions will be affected, so measure from the surface that the track will attach to, to the finished floor.

  • Yes, but we strongly suggest that you specify a door crafted of our paint-grade MDF material. Better yet, since unfinished doors are not covered by warranty, have your door custom painted or stained by the experts at Woodfold. Our vinyl-lam Accordion Doors are not suitable for on-site painting.

  • While some repairs are easily accomplished on-site, others may require specialized tooling available only at our factory. Should a repair ever be necessary, we’d suggest that you contact us for specific advice.

  • Sorry, but every Woodfold Accordion Door is custom-made to size and cannot be returned. Besides, it’s highly unlikely that you’d want to!

    Custom made products such as accordion doors, elevator doors, roll-up doors and shutters are manufactured to your specifications and no refunds or exchanges are possible. Orders placed with standard lead-times allow 3 business days for changes to be made by contacting the manufacturer.

    Orders that require custom material, logos or paints/stains cannot be cancelled or changed after ordered.

    Rush orders cannot be changed or cancelled after the next business day. Once your acknowledgement is received with a ship date there are no returns.

  • Yes. Additional cost and extended lead times are involved for these types of finishes. We craft our Vinyl Lam and Veneer Accordion Doors with materials pre-applied by our panel supplier in order to ensure the highest quality lamination technology available. If you’re looking for multi-colored doors, we suggest you consider our custom paint or stain services.

  • No, Woodfold doors are intended for interior applications only, since exposure to moisture or extreme temperatures may affect their operation and durability.

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